You Can Now Download GST Rate Finder App on Android Device

GST Rate Finder app

The Ministry of Finance launched the GST Rates Finder app on 7th July 2017. It will enable consumers to verify accurate tax on services and commodities under the regime of goods and services tax. This application can be used on the Android platform and will be available soon for iOS users. This app will also function in offline mode, and can be downloaded on smartphones.

How to Use the GST Rates Finder Application?

Based on the description of services and goods or HSN chapter or heading number, the search can be optimized. The app is aimed to serve as an instant recognition of GST rates as opined by the Ministry of Finance. Enter the name or chapter heading of service or commodity after opening the app. The search result shall list all services and goods consisting of the name that was entered in the search box.

Which Information Will the App Contain?

The taxpayer can search for CGST, UTGST, SGST and compensation cess on supply from the app. Details are listed in a way that users can understand the GST rates in 2017 easily. Apart from a mobile application, the section of GST Rate finder is now uploaded online onĀ  portal to help taxpayers know the GST rates on supplies.

What is the Advantage of this App?

There is a lot of confusion among people since the goods and services tax was implemented on 1st July 2017. There are rumours and fake information making rounds on Whatsapp and random emails, SMSes etc. With the launch of the GST Rate Finder app, people can come to know about existing GST rates than depending on word of mouth or details from other platforms.

The person, be it a consumer, merchant or anyone, can get to understand applicable goods and services tax new rates and note which products will now carry updated tax, and which services or goods have no change in taxation. It will greatly assist the common man or people who are not well-versed with goods and services tax yet. To understand more about GST, you can also download GST mobile application from the same provider.

Who Can Use the GST Rates Finder?

Anyone can download the GST Rates finder on their android smartphone. It can be a student, merchant, goods and services taxpayer or non-taxpayer as well. The app is widely accessible and does not come at any fee. People can utilize this application as and when they need it. The simple user interface makes the app easy to browse.

There are many merchants and retailers that are trying to fool people by increasing taxation, which is not applicable under goods and services tax 2017. Thus, with GST Rate Finder, people can keep a check on GST Rates when situations demands, they can crack down on inapplicable goods and services tax rates charged by providers.

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