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Why you should get a business credit card?

Why you should get a business credit card?

Benefits of Business Credit Cards

Experiencing the invaluable benefits of a business credit card can get business owners to vouch for corporate credit cards and the best business credit cards in the market. Business credit cards are suitable for small business owners, independent freelancers as well as big companies. The process of getting one isn’t difficult but one has to be aware of the credit card most suitable to their needs. After carefully running through the different offerings and advantages provided to customers by banks, one can zero in on the right card.

So what are the possible benefits of getting a business credit card?

  • Separating business from the personal:

Personal expenses get systematically segregated from the business expenditure when a business credit card is utilized for all business transactions. Tracking expenditure in an organized manner is essential to your financial discipline.

  • Access to Credit
    Businessmen will tell you that a big part of running business consists of availing timely credit and such cards enable that aspect of business for you by extending a decent line of credit. Purchasing power is boosted to a great degree. As compared to a personal credit card, the amount of credit offered is much higher though the annual fees are also higher.
  • Reward points
    Common business expenses like travel are covered under reward points in the form of air miles. Select shopping outlets with partner companies offer great discounts to business credit card owners as well as dining discounts can be availed for team dinners or conferences. Cash-back is another such benefits.
  • Boosts Credit rating

Empowering you with a high credit limit available on a business credit card, banks are already putting you on    their priority list. Steer clear of defaulting on payments and your business credit rating is sure to be optimized. Doing business with suppliers has its advantages as they report your transactions to credit bureaus.

  • Eligibility

Some business owners may not have a good credit history. For them to qualify for a business credit card is much easier as compared to a bank loan or a traditional line of credit. This ease of getting hold of credit from a reliable source is undeniably valuable to businessmen.

  • Comfortable transaction facility

Most transactions in a business today have moved online. This puts cards at an advantage over having to use cheque books. Owning a venture requires transacting with different stakeholders like vendors, suppliers, contractors and ease of transaction becomes a priority. Such convenience offered by the medium comes in handy at all times.

  • Keep employee spending in check

Setting a clear limit on employees’ credit card will hinder them from making unmeasured and untimely purchases. Also, senior employees required to make big purchases on behalf of the company must be prioritized for issuing the business credit card over others who may not be undertaking those responsibilities.

  • Tax benefits

Having a business credit card helps in saving tax annually and lets you keep a closer check on business spending. Two separate statements during the tax season categorizes your accounts effectively. Business expenses will be available to you online within a few clicks making the process of filing taxes much more convenient.

  • Overall advantage
    Banks offering business credit cards will have your company name embossed on the card and it is a sign of achieving a level of business maturity. Using cash and cheque books for transaction is steadily becoming outdated in the market.

Incentives, points and rewards as part of a credit card will suit different companies differently and applicants need to take due note of this factor. Perks and benefits offered by the credit card company aid business expenses and in the long run saves a good amount of money which can be pumped back into the business.


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