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Personal Loan for Travel, Honeymoon-

Top 6 Tourist Destinations in India for Honeymooners

Personal Loan For Travel, Honeymoon, Marriage

After your much-enjoyed wedding, an exciting and romantic honeymoon could be the best thing on ‘to-do’ list for jumpstarting the married life. Out of many places in the world, India (an Asian sub-continent country), is one of the most budget-friendly honeymoon destinations. The land has a rich cultural and historical heritage, etched in arms of nature.

It enthrals vacation-seekers with a series of tourist attractions, in a modest budget of up to 3 lakh rupees only. Couples can equally be a part of adventurous, pleasant hangouts or activities, and a lot more to choose from while honeymooning in India.

Tips to Manage your Honeymoon Holiday:

1. Research ahead about the places, and speak with a travel agent about tour packages available at best price.
2. These days, you can pay for vacation trips on EMI. Check up with your bank, for the total cost of the tour would be and the minimum EMI to pay per selected tenure.
3. You can apply for personal loan for honeymooning vacation at the earliest to get your finances in place.
4. Draw your budget in a way that there is a room for spending other than stay-ins, meals, sightseeing, like shopping, souvenirs, and more.
5. Last but not the least, relieve your mind and let go- it’s your honeymoon and you are entitled to have maximum fun.

Here are top six honeymoon locations in India, which will allow you to fall in love more deeply, simultaneously making memorable times passionate enough for future visits as well.

1. Udaipur

Udaipur (near Gujarat border and on the Aravalli Range), a city opulent in Rajasthan, which is also known as the Venice of the East in India. Apart from the countless palaces of Rajas of the bygone era, this place also prides in a yummy palette of vegetarian food arranged in the sumptuous Rajasthani Thali.

SPECIAL PICKS: Honeymooners can participate in romantic sojourns on helicopters. These pick you up from your hotel and drop you to the airport as well. Wear the colourful bright Rajasthani attires and turbans, and smile along for a perfect cosy selfie.

TRIP COST: A 7 -10 days long tour can cost between Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 40,000 per person, depending on the tour destinations chosen, place of stay and other luxuries included. Udaipur, has a lot of sightseeing destinations, thus, you may want to book ahead and plan out your travel to suit your budget.

Things to see and do:

• The Lake Palace should be the first on your list. This palace is two centuries old and has an aura of serenity around Lake Pichola Island, sure to astound you and your better half.
• Following a short boat ride, feasting your eyes on original art and broad detailing of the palace, your next stops can include the pristine Bagore ki Haveli, Garden of the Maidens before closing in for the night.
• Some of the other interesting destinations worth a tour are Maharana Pratap Museum, Crystal gallery, and Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary. The region boasts of few clubbing spots as well.

2. Kerala

At Southern India, Kerala is a small state, yet has lots to offer to its travellers. You both can look for a fabulous stay in this tropical land carved by axe of Lord Parshurama, or journey to Santa Cruz Cathedral. Major delicacies not to miss are parotta, Meen Curry, Ela sadhya and a wide range of payasams.

SPECIAL PICKS: Get yourself an evening on the Muzhappilangad Beach, drinking in the orange skies to set up the romantic mood. Book a houseboat for your brief stay here. Enjoy the typical Travancore cuisine rich in flavours of coconut.

TRIP COST: Kerala is mainly placed as tourist spot in the South, which is affordable and warming for couples. For a newly-married, the trip can range between Rs. 7000 to Rs. 55,000 per person for a 6 to 9 days stay at resort, or value-for-money hotels, along with sites visits’.

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Things to see and do:

• Explore the wilderness of Thekkady (location in Periyar National Park), go river rafting, checking out majestic elephants, and more. Do not forget to carry a pair of binoculars with you.
• Rejuvenate your body and mind with an Ayurvedic spa therapy at Kotakkal.
• Purchase fresh spices and tealeaves at Munnar. Have a fun outing at Veli (tourist village) and Kumarakom, where you can relax at backdrop of backwaters.

3. Andaman and Nicobar

If you are a nature fanatic, do give Andaman and Nicobar (east of the Bay of Bengal) a visit for your honeymoon trip. The beauty of these tropics relaxes you and helps discover the unseen facets of mother Earth’s bounties. If you wish to give your mate a truly distinctive experience, take her/him to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

SPECIAL PICKS: Some of islands to drop by are Jolly Buoy, Ross and, Neil, etc., while options for beaches are Radhanagar, Elephant, North Bay, Laxmanpur, Bharatpur, Wandoor, among others.

TRIP COST: According to leading travel agencies and package tour guides, a honeymoon at Andaman and Nicobar per-couple, can cost at least Rs. 18,000 to start with, and scale up to Rs. 75,000 or more. There are lot of activities for married-couples to try, so if you have the dough, then Andaman and Nicobar Islands are best to splurge at.

Things to see and do:

• Go bird watching for the region is blessed with alluring flora and fauna. Take a dip in for scuba and snorkelling.
• In daytime, best places to visit are at or around the Port Blair, such as the Cellular Jail, Chidiya Tapu, Corbyn’s Cover, Samudrika Marine Museum, and more.
• Do not miss the amazing coral reefs of impeccable natural perfection, and yes, the mouth-watering seafood is worth a try at the different beach restaurants.

4. Jammu and Kashmir

This is a dream destination for many. Jammu and Kashmir (part belonging to northern India), the paradise on Earth was once the most famous shooting location for Bollywood movies, and even today, the charm of the Kashmir valley is deemed a gorgeous place, where newly married couples merrily engage in their moments of togetherness.

SPECIAL PICKS: Fairy Meadows, Rainbow Lake, Deosai & lakes, and visually appetizing snow-clad mountains, meadows, terrains for trekking at Ladakh, among other adventures.

TRIP COST: Jammu and Kashmir is one of the honeymooning places, popular for group tours, though you can always customize your trip, and ride solo. The beginning price for the holiday can be as less as Rs. 8,000 per person, going up till Rs. 41,000 and beyond for a week of vacationing.

Things to see and do:

• Seek the blessings of Maa Vaishnodevi as a couple for your life ahead. Walk hand in hand through the well-maintained Shalimar Gardens of Srinagar and Monastery in Leh.
• Take pleasure in the boating experience at PagongPso at Leh. Calm your mind in the lap of Thiksey.
• Buy traditional Kashmiri outfits and some other colourful souvenirs.

5. McLeod Ganj

A suburb in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, and McLeod Ganj is named ‘Little Lhasa’ due to a large number of Tibetans as residents. It is most popular for Buddhist temples such as Dalai Lama’s temple, Tsuglagkhang or Tsuglag Khang, amidst many more. If you wish to experience spiritual side of your nature, then this region is what the real calling is.

SPECIAL PICKS: Some nearby places to visit are Anglican Church (located at a forest closely to Forsyth Ganj), Triund Hill for a one-day trek, and neo-Gothic buildings that gives a glance at memorials of Lord Elgin, once a British Viceroy.

TRIP COST: Starting from Rs.5000, honeymooners (per individual) can spend up to Rs. 25,000 or more at McLeod Ganj for holidaying. Do whatever, but do not let go off a package that offers all inclusive Dharamshala attractions.

Things to do and see:
• For the love of crafts, arts, you both must stop at Kangra Art Museum, which has considerable detailing about the Kangra Valley.
• Want a clear view of the city then check in at Magic View Cafe. For an enticing trek or picnic, include Triund Hill as one of the places to go at.
• The Dharamshala International Film Festival is held annually every November in the first week. Therefore, if you honeymoon at Mcleod Ganj around this time, entertainment is at full-glory.

6. Kasauli

Kasauli is a quiet, yet an exotic place in the Himachal Pradesh, where honeymooners can spend many peaceful nights together. The beauty of this place is the solace, perfect for couples, encouraging a healthy time with loved ones. Another great spot is the Monkey Point, which is 4 kilometres from the Kasauli bus stand, wherein a small temple is located dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

SPECIAL PICKS: Upper Mall gives a scenic view to Kasauli along with sight of old heritage buildings up to the Flag Staff House, while Lower Mall scenic serenades go up to the Monkey Point.

TRIP COST: At Kasauli, you can honeymoon within Rs.5000 to Rs. 20,000 per individual. Top it with major destinations of Shimla, the cost can go up to Rs. 10,000 more. You can make the stay cost-effective with specialized city-tours, which often ask for lesser expense than group tours.

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Things to see and do:

• Go for a trek to Karol ka Tibba. Sunset Point is a wooing site for newly married couples, and provides an eagle-eye-view to bright lights of Baddi, Chandigarh, Kalka, Panchkula, and Pinjore.
• Indulge in sips of refreshing green tea served hot early in the morning. Dig in steaming varieties of (dumplings) Momo’s with perfect sauces to go along.
• Anglican Church is 159-year old structure, a must heritage to take interest in, especially because it is surrounded by a groove of lush chestnuts.

The above-mentioned six honeymoon destinations in India are the most popular. These will offer you many memories for eternally cherishing about times spent together. India however has other tourism places for honeymooners as well, and you can always check with your travel-guide for different locations to pick from that suit a 3 lakhs budget. You can even look-out for personal loan option to pay for your vacation.

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