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Small Cash Loan: A Perfect Quick Money Option

Small Cash Loan: A Perfect Quick Money Option


We all have faced times when unexpected expenses came knocking at the door. Anyone can be affected by the need for quick cash, such as during delay in monthly salary, emergency medical costs, home repairs, paying off debts, and a lot more. Managing small expenses can sometimes give us a run for the money. But, you need not worry anymore in case an emergency small cash crunch screams “Mayday”!

Login to and apply for a immediate cash loans in india (also known as a payday loan, which is unsecured), and get the amount you want, credited into the bank account within just a few hours.

How Much Can You Borrow?

With an instant cash loan, you can borrow between denominations of INR 10,000 and INR 50,000. The amount, which you can borrow, depends on the salary you draw, and your repayment capacity.

Who can apply?

Only Indian citizens, who are salaried (age- 25 and above), can apply for the same day loan.

What is the Minimum Salary Slab?

The minimum monthly salary drawn should be INR 25,000. Other individuals who draw a lesser salary amount, or are self-employed, can connect with us to know what type of loans they are eligible for.

What are the Disqualifiers?

If you have too many debts to pay at the moment, unsound repayment capacity, and do not fulfil the eligibility criteria, then you may be unable to apply for a small cash loan.

How much of a CIBIL Score is needed?

The minimum CIBIL score must be 600-650 (a lower CIBIL score may be acceptable in a few cases). For more information, contact

Time Taken for Loan Approval?

The loan approval takes only a while after you submit all the necessary documents (salary slips for the past few months, bank statements, identity proofs etc). Contact us to know, which documents are needed for an instant cash loan process.

When is the Loan Amount Disbursed?

A small cash loan amount will be credited to your bank account, soon after it is approved. There are no delays or long-waiting periods involved.

What is the Repayment Tenure?

The repayment period is up to 3 months or 90 days. You may repay anytime within this duration (applicable to terms and conditions). Generally, shorter repayment tenure is acceptable for an amount borrowed less than INR 50,000.

What are the Interest Rates?

The interest rates are reasonable and fixed. Depending upon the amount you need, and repayment tenure, the interest rates can vary. But, these start at as low as 6 per cent to 11 per cent (may differ in some cases).

What Makes Small Cash Loans Standout from Personal Loans?

In a personal loan, the minimum loan amount is INR 1 lac, with a longer repayment period. But as a small cash loan caters to small and quick cash, there is no obligation to seek a large amounting loan or a long-term debt. If you are an eligible candidate and want a loan of less than and equal to INR 50,000 with the ability to repay within 3 months, then short term loans are ideal for you.

So, you want to apply for a loan, but the small cash loan falls short to meet the requirements? Do not look anywhere else; contact We have several financial loan products to offer online, as per your needs. We promise never to leave you disappointed.

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