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Loanbaba App is now available on Android

Loanbaba App is now available on Android

Small cash loan loanbaba

Download the app on Android to be prepared in case of a loan requirement.

Download our Android App to avail numerous benefits on loans and more! Click here to download.

Loanbaba is your go-to spot for all your borrowing requirements, starting from small cash loans to gold loan, personal loan, loan against property, home loan and business loan. For the past four years, the company has been in the business as a loan aggregator forging key relationships with over 20 reputed banks and financial institutions. There are some unique benefits of downloading the app.  Read on to know how you stand to benefit with the app-

Small Cash Loans:                                                                                                     

Loanbaba’s App is now available for Android users where you can create a profile and apply for loans instantly. Small cash loans starting from Rs.10000 to Rs.50000 are available at the click of a button on the app and you should definitely take advantage of this quick service. Loan amounts are sanctioned after a quick verification process and disbursals within a few hours are made possible by Loanbaba. You can repay the loan in small installments over a convenient period of time. This service is provided by Loanbaba itself and there are no banks involved in the transactions. Our credit managers and executives will hand-hold you through the entire process.

Small cash loans are an important tool to be kept handy in case of any financial emergency. Be it any festival, travel expenses or any other emergency, applying for an instant cash loan goes through simple, hassle-free steps.  Anyone may require a quick financial boost at some point and it is best to be a member of the Loanbaba community by signing up with a few basic details including your PAN number. You also get access to our blogs on finance on the app. The easy user interface of the app provides for smooth navigation and good comprehension for people of all age groups. The profile section on the down right notifies you of your approved loans, application status and agreements if any. What’s more? If you refer the app to a friend with the assigned code, you get Rs.500 cash on every loan disbursal of your friend. Get on the app for a breezy experience with loans.

Other resources on the app apart from the blog include

  • Free credit report (Calculating your CIBIL Score)

It is customary to keep track of your CIBIL score so as to be on top of things on the credit front. A score that is above 700 is considered to be a good CIBIL score and that paves the way for loan approvals. You can check your report on the Loanbaba app for free! CIBIL scores determine your credibility with repayment.

  • EMI Calculator

A simple, easy to use calculator where you put in the interest rate and loan tenure that you are looking for and the calculator determines the exact EMI amount you will need to pay when the terms are such. EMIs are a burden on the salary or income of an individual and the EMI calculator allows you to be clear of your amount to be paid every month once you fill the details of loan tenure and interest rate.

  • Eligibility Calculator

Salaried and non-salaried individuals apply for loans. But it is according to the income generated and other factors like credit history that the lending institutions determine your eligibility for a certain loan amount. This device on the Loanbaba app lets you validate the loan amount you are eligible for, with respect to your income.

  • News stories

Keeping abreast of the latest in the financial world becomes of paramount importance when you are a responsible citizen. Changing interest rates by banks according to RBI guidelines among other important news help you to take better and calculated decisions as a loan applicant or even as a financially aware citizen investing with the right banks for savings and fixed accounts.

  • Business Associate Program:

Enroll as a business associate with Loanbaba on the app to avail incentives on all loans. Registering for the business associate program is laced with benefits for loan applicants.

Personal Loans:

Personal loans are another type of financial service facilitated by Loanbaba for you with major banks. We all have faced cash crunch at one time or the other in our lives. When the amount exceeds Rs.50000 it is best to opt for a personal loan. Any personal need such as wedding expenses, funding a college education, renovating a house can be fulfilled using a personal loan. Loans up to Rs.50 lakhs stand to get sanctioned by the banks as we work closely with the lenders to get your loan amount from the application to approval stage. All your applications are many steps closer as compared to visiting a bank branch! Many a times, the word ‘loan’ has known to have a negative connotation. So much so that, people delay applying for a loan even when they know that their problem can be solved by applying for one. This is majorly because of the infamous queues and paperwork and the chances of rejection of application.

Gold Loan:

Loanbaba is a registered DSA (Direct Selling Agent) when it comes to this financial service. Gold as an asset can be pledged as security to get loan amounts from various lenders. You can compare and choose the lender from the comfort of your home in case of a financial emergency. It is advisable to opt for this loan instead of an unsecured loan like personal loan due to lower interest rates on this product.

Business Loans:

With Loanbaba, you can avail business loans up to Rs.1 crore from over 20 reputed banks and other financial institutions in the industry. Tailor-made loans for businesses of all sizes are facilitated by Loanbaba in your favour. Customer support is available between working hours to guide you through any discrepancy even after your loan amount is approved. The notifications icon on the top right will intimate you in case of any approval or rejection of loan amount.

Home Loan & Loan Against Property:

Loanbaba facilitates home loans and loan against property with various banks and showcases the interest rates in organized, tabulated forms. This eases the process of decision-making for applicants from different backgrounds. Download the Loanbaba app here to get started!

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