5 Tips from Moms to Brave You Up Against Any Expenses

Money Advice from Mom

Here is the most awaited day of the year- yes Mother’s Day, when we all are thinking about our mom and how she helped us through our life. Remember the time when you needed additional pocket money because you spent all on a toy you wanted? Or when she taught you how to make financial savings out of seemingly depleting resources? Here are some of the financial wisdom our moms have shared with us over the years, all in one:

1. Mom Says, Always Stick to the Budget

Mothers are quite adept at handling finances, and one of the ways to identify money allocation comes through their immense experience in taking care of the household and well as external expenses. She teaches us how to track budgets to be able to organize monetary decisions. This is one of the first pieces of money advice from mom, which makes drawing a budget and planning expenses important for retaining a healthy economic state.

2. She Meant Good While Putting Up an Emergency Fund

Not only the short-term or long-term savings, but you must also always have a rainy day fund to meet those unexpected bills. These funds should be available to be liquidated at the instant or remain as liquid assets. For this, you must assure to save enough cash whenever you have the need for it just like when your mom bought you the sports gadget at short notice even if the finances per se were negligible? Yes, there are those days, when certain expenses are unavoidable, and you must plan for those scenarios well in advance.

3. Your Mother wants you to Start Saving Early

There is a saying, “begin at the starting line to make a fine finish”- this holds true even in financial savings. Mothers are also one of the significant examples of how saving early actually proves to be ‘life-saving’, like the extra buck she dropped into your piggy bank? It was the very initial advice- save when you can, and when you start drawing an income, you must make sure that you plan your financial savings as soon as possible.

4. She Tells You When to Draw the Line

Remember when you wanted all the chocolates from that shop? Of course, you have had a bit of what you wanted, but surely mothers teach us how to differentiate between needs and wants. From childhood, you learn how much of a thing is sufficient and where you may need the extra push. This lesson goes to the financial circle as well, and mothers have taught how to stop overspending or which expenses are should be prioritised.

5. Nurture Your Money at the Right Moment

You must have experienced so many incidents where your mother wanted to protect you and by taking calculated decisions for your welfare even if it involved a struggle (like investing a sum of money for your future education), she promised to reap better benefits in the future. This is silent advice from all the mothers to their children.

Make important financial investments today- even though the returns seem far-fetched, your hard work now will assist you tomorrow. Don’t keep all the money hoarded up in passive form, but try to find ways to grow the same by doing the right investments.

Mothers’ love shapes us as individuals, while you too may love your mom deeply- this Mother’s Day, the best tribute to give her is to be a wiser person by being more careful financially.

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