6 Lessons for Financial Prosperity Inspired from Lord Ganesha

financial lessons ganesh chaturthi

Lord Ganesha is hailed as the symbol of prosperity, happiness, master of knowledge, God of wisdom and remover of obstacles. He is eloquently adored by devotees. The auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi (the ten-day festival), which is celebrated brilliantly across India, and mainly in Maharashtra, is also seen as a sign of blessing for new ventures.

There is a lot we can take as inspiration from Lord Ganpati when it comes to financial planning and financial lessons. Here we list 6 financial prosperity lessons from beloved Ganpati Bappa.

  1. Start Saving and Investing Money Early

God Ganesha is after all worshipped for beginning new ventures, thus you can take a cue and start saving and investing money early in life as soon as you begin generating an income. Save or invest a fixed sum every month and see your finances grow healthily. Choose a recurring deposit, mutual fund systematic investment plan, insurance etc. There are several savings schemes to choose from.

  1. Keep Your Thirst for Financial Knowledge Alive

As Lord Ganesha is also hailed for wisdom and intellect, it is never too late to stay updated with new investment options and ways you can grow money safely. Your aim must become financially literate so that you are sure about obtaining good returns for short-term or long-term financial plans.

  1. Be Protected, Consider Insurance Plans

Vighnaharta- remover of obstacles, yes Lord Ganesha is also known to eradicate obstacles, and the best way to achieve this is by staying protected from any hurdles. One of the wise ways to go about it financially is by taking important insurances such as home insurance, life insurance, health insurance, car insurance etc., to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

  1. Prepare Yourself for Monetary Turbulences

Financial uncertainty can come by anytime, be it in form of a natural disaster where you can lose a lot of resources, face a monetary hurdle, where you are in quick need of cash etc. Ganesha God is known to have a huge ability to digest- ‘Lambodara’, and you can also equip yourself with emergency funds to take down any financial challenges in time. If you have a good CIBIL score and are in a position to borrow funds, you can always take the help of a personal loan at loanbaba.com to complete cash requirements.

  1. Sometimes Little is More

It is time of festive and you must be already purchasing gifts for family and friends. This Ganesh Chaturthi, you can shower love by avoiding impulsive purchases but rather go for something inexpensive yet meaningful- like engage in making handmade gifts etc.  Remember, Lord Ganesha preferred ‘mouse’ as his vehicle, and knew the value of even the smallest of resources. You can choose some money-saving credit cards for shopping that will help reduce spending on purchases.

  1. Build Your Perceptions After Critical Analysis

We tend to be attracted to lucrative offers and promises, which can sometimes land us into financial troubles. If you were to invest or spend money on mutual funds, it is important to understand the types of mutual funds, market conditions, and risks associated before taking the big step, after all the large trunk of Lord Ganesha also symbolizes his ability to sniff out difficulties beforehand.

The above-mentioned financial lessons from Lord Ganesha on this Ganesh Chaturthi are something to follow for life, but, also do enjoy the occasion the most with your folks. Team loanbaba conveys best wishes on this auspicious festival to everyone.

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