5 Bachelorette Parties You Can Plan In Under One Lakh Each

                                                                     A dash of pink,

                                                                     A touch of nude;

                                                                     Blushing cheeks,

                                                                     And that’s your hue.


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While the bride-to-be is glowing in all kinds of pink, the responsibility to keep her so lies with the best friend. From helping her select her accessories, matching her make-up to her trousseau and picking up knick-knacks to being her sounding board for all the wedding worry rants and helping her get over cold feet – the best friend has to do it all.

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But even after the outfit is in place, jewellery is sparkled, shoes are polished, skin is puffed and fly-away are rested there is still one task left! The Bachelorette Party! A perfect bachelorette party is a cherry on top as far as the pre-wedding preparations go. They can be a perfect way for the bride to let her hair down after the end of the weeks of agonising over her hair, make-up, dress, guests, menu, honeymoon, and what-have-you.

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You can help your bestie relax and have a wonderful party, with all her close girlfriends, before she ties the knot! Just check what she enjoys and with the ideas below, you can work your magic. With a few friends pooling in, you can plan an extravagant party in less than Rs 1 lakh!

  1. Sparty


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Spa parties are becoming a rage as they offer the much needed relaxation and indulgence for the bride-to-be and the over-worked best friend. You can book a head-to-foot spa treatment for the entire girl gang. Get some bubbly with some finger foods and you are good to go on a trip to heaven!


  1. Trip to or party at Goa


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A road trip, a la Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara,  might be just what your girl is looking for – that one adventure before the big plunge. But if you are planning a road trip with your girls, you need a little more than a weekend in hand. Or, you could simply take off to Goa for the weekend and enjoy partying along the beach, cruising on a yacht, partying on a boat, snorkelling, water sports, or simply wind down lounging on the sand and watching the waves.

  1. Makeover party


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Much like a sparty, the makeover party is a fantastic option for Team Bride to enjoy their time while eating, drinking and having lots of heart-to-heart.


  1. Eating, drinking and clubbing


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When the bride-to-be loves dressing up in Prada, Choos and Chanel, you can plan a glamorous night out, beginning with food and drinks, followed by a night of clubbing!


  1. Enjoying the adrenalin rush


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Strap on the parachute when your outdoorsy-type bride-to-be wants a bit of thrill on her bachelorette party. You can also go rock climbing, rappelling, river rafting and more.


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