Pack Your Bags, Get Set & Go: 10 Monsoon Destinations near Mumbai and Pune


The twin cities- Mumbai and Pune are known as the perfect monsoon getaways in Maharashtra. Both are popular as monsoon destinations and give us the chance to explore its beautiful locales. The vivid landscapes of these coastal cities are not only pleasing to the eye but have a calming effect on the mind. The feel of cool winds, misty valleys, gigantic waterfalls, fleeting clouds and the excitement of getting drenched in the rains makes both these cities the most popular travel destinations in the state of Maharashtra.

If you want to plan for a weekend off alone or traveling with a group or family to Mumbai and Pune, then here is a list of top 10 places you must surely explore.

  1. Thosegar Falls, Near Satara


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Satara, known as the flower, valley of Maharashtra is also home to, a roaring waterfall, Thosegar Falls. Located in Kaas, it is one of the most beautiful and a must-visit place when you are in Maharashtra. You will be flabbergasted about how this place is blessed with a diverse variety of flower species.


Mumbai to Thosegar Falls: 277.5 kilometers

Pune to Thosegar Falls: 134.7 kilometers

Things to do

  • This is a heaven for bird enthusiasts as you can witness different species of migratory birds visiting the Kaas Lake.
  • Flower covered Kass Plateau will definitely soothe your eyes and mind and this place are at its best during the monsoons.
  • Admire the beauty of ever-flowing Thosegar Falls.
  • Visit the Samadhi of Samarth Ramdas Swami at Sajjangad, the great Shivaji’s spiritual guru.
  • Get mesmerized with the flower-laden valley on a trek to Sajjangad.
  1. Tapola


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Nicknamed as Kashmir for its rustic set up, this place is at the western coast. It gets the ornamental expanse from the Shivsagar Lake. During the monsoons, a drive from Mahabaleshwar to Tapola becomes a joyful ride providing a fresh and picturesque view of mother nature.


Mumbai to Tapola: 300 kilometers

Pune to Tapola: 150 kilometers

Things to do

  • Its dense and lush green forest offers great trekking opportunities for trekkers.
  • The river Koyana and Solshi feature a gigantic dam.
  • Bicycle ride with your friends from Satara to Bamnoli.
  • Explore the Shivsagar Lake on a speedboat.
  1. Kalsubai Peak

kalsubai peak

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Standing tall at 1646 meters, Kalsubai Peak is the highest peak in the Sahyadri Ranges. During the monsoons, the place boasts of lush green forests, water streams, and springs. A trek to the temple at the pinnacle of the peak will provide you an iconic view of the Bhandardara backwaters. For adventure enthusiasts, this place is a perfect blend of action and historic values. Moreover, during the monsoon season, the Bhandardara Dam tends to overflow, which provides a soothing view.

  1. Karnala


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Karnala is known for its rich and diverse flora and fauna habitat. It is one of the favorite monsoon destinations of tourists. Watch some endangered bird species like vultures and eagles living out their lives in their natural habitat during your trek to Karnala Pinnacle.


Mumbai to Karnala: 87 kilometers

Pune to Karnala: 124 kilometers

Things to do

  • Karnala Fort will make you literally experience time travel back to the ancient era of artistic monuments.
  • Sahyadri Hills provides a bird’s eye view of the Mumbai coastline.
  • Karnala Bird Sanctuary will be a haven for all the bird lovers where they can witness more than 40 species of migratory birds.
  1. Matheran


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Matheran is a mini-vacation spot, which is close to Mumbai. You can get there by a train ride or by your own vehicle. For wandering the town, you can hire a horse-ride or a hand-pulled rickshaw. During the rainy season, the clouds literally sweep over the town and you can see the mist everywhere around. The town has over 30 lookout points. The ancient Pisarnath Mahadev Temple and the magnificent Charlotte Lake are the two most heart-whelming places of Matheran.

  1. Sinhagad


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Trekking to the Sinhagad Fort during the monsoons is the best weekend retreat you can have. Located in the Sahyadri Hills, it is a perfect getaway tour with your friends and family during a rainy day.


Mumbai to Sinhagad: 180.1 kilometers

Pune to Sinhagad: 37.4 kilometers

Things to do

  • A trek to Sinhagad fort.
  • Katraj and Sinhagad trek offers a pleasant breeze to the tourists.
  • Pavana Dam stopover to enjoy the scenic beauty of Panshet Lake.
  1. Mulshi

mulshi dam

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A couple of hours drive from Pune, Mulshi Dam is the hidden beauty of the western coast. The smooth breeze following the scenic visuals adds to the pleasure of your stay here.


Mumbai to Mulshi: 127.1 kilometers

Pune to Mulshi: 35 kilometers

Things to do

  • Koraigadh and Dhangad Fort located in the Sahyadri Hills is an ideal trekking spot.
  • This is the place where you can encounter elegant species of birds.
  • Visit the century-old ‘Vanjal Mata’ temple.
  • Enjoy an adrenaline-pumping drive through valleys and cliffs.
  • Experience its numerous waterfalls.
  1. Alibaug


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Sporting a number of beaches and the famous Kolaba Sea Fort, Alibaug is simply the best getaway destination on your weekends. Moreover, Korlai Fort provides the best of monsoons, offering the visitors a splendid architectural view of the Maratha, Mughal and the Portuguese Empire. The trek to the top of the fort is easy and offers a panoramic view of the sea. You can also take a relaxing swim in the Royal Bath.

  1. Lonavala & Khandala

lonavala and khandala

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Lonavala and Khandala are the twin hill stations located in the heart of Sahyadri Hills. These hill stations open up to visitors its serene beauty. The spectacular mountain ranges, sparkling lakes, and forts make it a must-visit place, especially during the monsoons.


Mumbai to Lonavala & Khandala: 93.3 kilometers

Pune to Lonavala & Khandala: 70.1 kilometers

Things to do

  • Tung and Tikona fort trekking.
  • Visit the Pawana Lake built by the dam on the Pawana River.
  • The Sausage Hills is the best place to visit for bird watching.
  • Get the complete view of Khandala Hill City from the Duke Nose.
  1. Lohagad Fort

lohagad fort

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s one of the hill forts, Lohagad Fort in Pune has one of the perfect adventure histories. The attraction of this place is its entrance, which is called Wind Spot as blowing winds have the power to sweep you off your feet. Moreover, from the top of the Fort, you can get the entire view of the Pavana Dam, Duke Nose, and Tung and Tikona Hills. The beauty of nature is at its peak during the monsoons. The rains refresh up the greenery of mountains and surroundings, and lakes transcend with spectacular waves, flowing between many cliffs, landscapes, temples, etc.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned 10 tourist spots in Mumbai and Pune can set the right mood for soul searching, discovering yourself and enjoying some good moments with your close ones. If you want quick cash (up to Rupees 50 thousand) the same-day, you can apply for a small cash loan or if you want an amount over Rupees 1 Lakh, you can apply for a personal loan at and head to the monsoon holiday spot you want.  So do not think twice, these monsoon destinations are awaiting you. Pack your bags today, and leave for an adventurous vacation.

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