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Home Loan Eligibility Terms

Multiple banks have a bit of difference in their home loan eligibility terms. The common terms are:

  • Fast and efficient process and service-You should be at least 21 years old and not have an age more than 60 years.
  • You must be salaried and have a regular income.
  • You should have an income which must be more than the minimum income required by the bank.

The amount of loan that you will receive is affected by the below-given factors:

  • The EMI of the loan should not come to more than 50% of your regular monthly income.
  • If you have other EMIs to pay then it would have an adverse impact on your home loan eligibility.
  • The loan will provide you up to 90% of the property value

You can increase your home loan eligibility by these steps:

  • By making your spouse a co-applicant in the home loan process so that her income adds to your eligibility
  • Choose a longer loan term period that can be up to 30 years

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